How far is desert from Marrakech

How far is desert from Marrakech?


The distance between Marrakech and the desert in Morocco depends on which desert you are referring to, as the country features multiple deserts, with the Sahara being the most prominent. The Sahara Desert, known for its vast stretches of sand dunes, is a popular destination for travelers seeking an immersive desert experience.


How far is desert from Marrakech

  1. Marrakech to Merzouga (Erg Chebbi):
    • If you are heading to the Sahara’s Erg Chebbi dunes near Merzouga, the distance from Marrakech is approximately 560 kilometers (about 348 miles). The journey typically takes around 9-10 hours by car, depending on the route and road conditions.
  2. Marrakech to Zagora (Erg Chigaga):
    • For those interested in the Erg Chigaga dunes near Zagora, the distance is roughly 360 kilometers (about 224 miles). The drive can take around 6-7 hours, depending on the specific route taken.
  3. Transportation Options:
    • Travelers can reach the desert from Marrakech by various means of transportation. Popular options include private car hires, shared minivans, or organized tours that provide a more comprehensive desert experience, often including stops at key attractions along the way.
  4. Scenic Routes:
    • The journey from Marrakech to the desert offers a scenic drive through the High Atlas Mountains, charming Berber villages, and vast landscapes. Many tours include stops at points of interest such as Ait Ben Haddou, a UNESCO World Heritage site known for its well-preserved Kasbah.
  5. Travel Time Considerations:
    • It’s important to factor in travel time when planning a trip from Marrakech to the desert. The road conditions, especially in mountainous areas, can affect travel times. Additionally, taking breaks to appreciate the scenery or explore interesting sites along the way can impact the overall duration of the journey.
  6. Alternative Transportation:
    • For those looking to save time or add a touch of adventure, domestic flights from Marrakech to Erfoud (nearest airport to Merzouga) are available. However, this option may require additional ground transportation to reach the desert.
  7. Tour Packages:
    • Many travelers opt for organized desert tours from Marrakech, which typically include transportation, accommodations, and guided experiences in the desert. These tours often provide a hassle-free way to explore the vast landscapes between Marrakech and the Sahara.

In conclusion, the distance from Marrakech to the desert depends on the specific destination within the desert you wish to visit. Whether you choose to drive, join a guided tour, or take alternative transportation, the journey is an integral part of the experience, offering glimpses into the diverse landscapes that Morocco has to offer.

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