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The Best Sahara Desert Trips & Day Tours from Marrakech

At Desert Trip Morocco, we offer a wide choice of Tours in Morocco. Our main specialization is Sahara Desert Trips from Marrakech on a daily basis. It all depends on your length of stay in Morocco; we have a selection of trips: 2 days Sahara desert trips, 3 days desert trips from Marrakech, 4 days desert trip Morocco etc. The 2 days desert trip goes to Zagora dunes where you spend a night at a nomadic tent, and you will have a camel ride to the camp. Whereas the 3 days & 4 days desert trips, you will go to Merzouga dunes which is famous by its huge dunes, namely Erg chebbi dunes. Concerning day trips from Fez, we run them on request! You should be at least 2 people so that we arrange your tour privately. From Fez, we suggested 2 tours, one of 3 days from Fez to Merzouga & back to Merzouga, or another 3 days tour  from fez to Merzouga & finish in Marrakech. Both of the 2 trips include overnight at a camp & camel riding. All of our desert trips are a lifetime experience that you will never forget!

In addition to our desert trips, we have a bunch of Day Tours from Marrakech to amazing places in Morocco such as a day trip to Atlas Mountains, Ouzoud waterfalls, and the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou. Again, our day tours from Marrakech require a minimum of 2 people, but it is possible to run the day trips if you are a small or a big group with a discount in price.



If you have always wanted to see the desert and wish to embark on a Moroccan tour from the UK, you’re in luck. No tour of Morocco from the UK would be complete without visiting the street markets, gardens and historical points of interest. When you take a Moroccan tour from the UK, you will be able to enjoy the native food, see the Atlas Mountains, walk among the cobbled streets and enjoy the views of the local architecture. A Moroccan tour delights all your senses from the culinary to the fabulous sunsets, and the dunes are a sight to behold. We include all the places you want to visit in Morocco and no one will treat you better!


There are a myriad of tours in and from Marrakech, and you will surely find one or more that you are longing to explore. An Ait Benhaddou day trip from Marrakech tours one of the most memorable former caravan routes from Marrakech to the Sahara. The road had attracted a lot of tourist trade, and became one of the most popular places to purchase local goods and more.

Another unusual excursion is the Marrakech to Merzouga tour through the desert. The exquisite scenery includes sand dunes, rocky plateaus, canyons and the High Atlas Mountains, with its valleys and oases. This small Moroccan town is near the Algerian border and is known for its large migratory and desert bird life.
If you are desiring a short tour, consider our Marrakesh desert tour for two days. The dunes are perfect for camel rides and go across the High Atlas Mountains. Enjoy meals of local cuisine to tingle your varied tastes. The largest date palm tree plantation is in the Draa Valley, and shouldn’t be missed.

Marrakesh holidays are the perfect time to be restored and renewed at a spa retreat to pamper yourself. When you want to spend your holidays in Marrakesh and enjoy a combination of old sites and new ones as well, a visit to the palaces, galleries and boutiques is in order. If shopping and eating great food is your goal, there are many restaurants, bars and markets to offer you a variety of goods. This ancient fortified city is the best place to spend your Marrakesh holiday and you won’t be able to wait for a return visit!
Some travelers want a vacation where all the details are pre-planned by experts of the area. For them, a Marrakesh guided tour is the ideal trip. Our private tours encompass sightseeing, eating at incredible restaurants, excellent accommodations and all your transportation needs. This exotic city has many musicians, story tellers and other entertainers whom you may see on walking tours. Our Marrakesh guided tour explores the history, culture and local traditions that will enthrall you. Our experienced guides will know all the “hot spots” and fun activities to be had. This centuries old, major trading post was important for the merchants of Africa and Europe. We know that you will truly enjoy our Marrakesh guided tour and have many wonderful memories of this fabulous place.


Nothing can compare with a Sahara Desert tour from desert-trips-morocco.com. We will help you check off all the things you want to see on your wish list. There are so many wonderful Egyptian tourist attractions on the Sahara Desert tour that it will be hard to choose from among the natural beauty of an oasis, the thrilling scenery, or travel on the dunes by camel or vehicle. Our Sahara tour includes cultural sights and historical excursions from ancient Persia and Rome. See ancient monasteries, a historical manmade lake, and olive and date trees galore. The Sahara Desert tour is like no other. You won’t stop raving about all the genuine Egyptian adventures when you commence on your fabulous Sahara tour.

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